Dealing With Finances During a Business Makeover

There are many areas of business that have to be though of when going through a business makeover. One of these important areas is finances. How will you manage your finances, how will you get paid, and how will you pay others are all questions you need to discover your answers to.

As you go through the process of answering those question for yourself you will need to consider the resources and tools that are available to you for use in each of these areas. For example there are several tools available for managing finances, including Quickbooks and Quicken. Then there are payment systems available that will not only allow you to accept payments but will help you to make payments as well. Some of these include Google Checkout, Alert Pay, and Paypal.

Google Checkout is a checkout option that is available for business owners and allows you to put a checkout option on your site or send via email. This will allow you to accept debit or credit cards from your customers for free. Google Checkout is easy to use, affordable and 100% secure. Therefore both you and your clients will feel that it is a payment option that they can trust. 

Alert Pay is another payment option that allows you to send and receive money via email. It will allow you to accept credit and bank payments for a low fee and is also safe and secure. They provide options for personal and business accounts. 

PayPal which is probably the most popular of payment options online also allows you to accept payment via email and with buttons you can place on your website. PayPal offers business, personal and premier accounts that accept debit, credit and bank account payments. PayPal features the added benefit of obtaining a debit card to use for your own personal purchases using the money located in your PayPal account.

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