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Flying the Alps
Yves Rossy acquired the nickname The Rocketman from the media (he isn’t related to the Rocketman firm). A Swiss pilot and engineer, Rossy created one of many few actual jet packs on the earth. His winged flight go well with uses four jet engines (not rockets). He deploys from a plane and freefalls briefly earlier than firing the engines and soaring at close to 200 mph. He controls his course by shifting his body, banking the wings to turn. The preliminary flight in Could of 2008 was a success — Rossy was aloft long sufficient to turn a collection of aerobatic maneuvers earlier than coming to a secure touchdown with a parachute [sou­rce: Every day Mail Online]. ­

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Although Floor is main the way in the floor computing class it has created, it’s not with out competitors in that enviornment. In 2009, Ideum introduced its MT2 Multitouch Table with a 50-inch (1.3-meter) display screen and the durability required to take abuse from the patrons of its target market: museums. The MT2 featured Snowflake Gesture Recognition Software program by NUITEQ, which opened the platform to software program developers from various programming backgrounds. By the best way, NUITEQ is the corporate that owns the trademark for the time period Pure Consumer Interface (NUI). As of July 2011, MT2’s successor MT55 makes use of Ideum’s own GestureWorks software program for application authoring, and it boasts extra impressive hardware specs than the SUR40 [sources: Davies, NUITEQ, Ideum].

Chip and PIN expertise has been around since 1984, when French banks started testing chip-primarily based cards. In 1996, the world’s main credit card companies collaborated to create a new, more safe customary based mostly on the French expertise In the business, chip and PIN cards are referred to as EMV playing cards, an acronym standing for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, the three credit card companies that developed the primary worldwide technological specs for chip and PIN playing cards [supply: EMVCo].

One other suspected use for horny goat weed is to assist protect against considered one of the most typical conditions of aging women — osteoporosis [sources: Blue Shield of California, Reedy]. For girls, particularly those who’re aging or going via menopause, this loss of bone density is a big concern. One other added bonus is that the complement might supply some relief from the various signs of menopause.

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