Managing Your Finances For a Contented Life

Managing Your Financial Habits To Attain A Contented Lifestyle can be a bit of a challenge in a world where materialism reigns. Just think of all the things you just had to have. Things that would certainly make you happier. And, then think of how long that happiness lasted. In my business (Landscape Management) I make several trips to the landfill every week or two. I see the heaps of “Stuff”, people just had to have piled high and waiting for the crusher to mash them up. Friends let me tell you as an experienced lifer (73) you will never be happy without contentment. The cycle is unending.

So What Is Going On Now? Our lives are filled with gadgets and things that either could be eliminated or cut back. Just think of the things you have bought that now control you. Either financially or personally.

1. Cell phones

2. Television

3. Cable TV

4. Internet

5. The Mac Mansion

Everyone of those 5 above are necessary. And, I am not advocating tossing them to the landfill. However, how much can be saved by making a few changes. I opted for a Trac Fone. $6.00/month and I can call any where any time. It doesn’t take pictures and it doesn’t wiggle on it’s belly like a reptile. But it is a cell phone.

Television. I had Direct TV satellited service ($68.00/month). I received 700 channels. When i found myself watching reruns on the history, discovery channels and anxious for Fred Sanford and Hogans Heroes to come on, I went to the basic local cable ($12.00/ month). Just possibly a walk in the park will do me more good than couch potatoeing.

Internet. Wonderful tool. I really need it for my work. And, I find time that i would have spent on TV keeping up with current events and world news. Here, I cannot do anything about the cost. But, I need to budget my time or else I will spend far to much time on the internet at the expense of family and friends.

The Mac Mansion. Really hard to do anything about in this financial mess we are in. However, in the future when you are considering moving on or up, think of the consequences of your actions. Will a humongous home make you happy when the tax bill hits. What about heating and cooling costs? Try to buy into a home that you can find the extra money to take your spouse to dinner. Take your family on vacation. In short a home shouldn’t be a jail.

Financial Freedom Is A Key To Financial Contentment! Let me give you a few suggestions on finding financial contentment.

As quick as possible throw away the plastic. A few years ago I began to buy money orders for distant purchases. Instead of plopping everything I wanted to buy on the credit card, I would fill out the order blank and send along a money order. Why not a check? Because, going to buy the money order did two things. It made me stop and think and it made me go do something first. Those two little steps can some times trigger thinking. And thinking instead of impulse can save you a lot of money. Sure, the money order costs. But, sometimes I would be going to buy it and change my mind. I felt I didn’t need what I thought I just had to have.

Take some steps starting today. You won’t arrive at financial contentment today, but you will have taken the most important step – the first one.


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