Stressful Finances – 5 Stress Symptoms to Watch for When Your Finances Become Unhealthy

You have got to find the cure for the stress symptoms of sick financial life, in this unhealthy economic time.

What are the symptoms leading up to your financial stress?

1) Procrastination – Definition:

To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness. To postpone or delay needlessly.

How does procrastination add to your stress in your financial life? Obviously if you put off paying your bills, fees and extra charges are added on to the payment. The worst-case scenario, your utilities will be turned off and extra charges are added to the reinstatement of the utilities. All this extra money and a great deal of stress just because you put off paying your bills, it was not worth it.

2) Response-ability or react-ability-

These abilities are defined as your feelings at the moment of encountering an issue or situation. You have choices, you can respond or react.

Reacting takes very little thought, just emotions. Quick actions or words that are usually hurtful or very negative. In addition, very difficult to take back later. Usually you are talking to a bill collector or a creditor.

Where, responding does take a bit more effort and thought. The actions or words are well planned out and the effects are positive and innovative. You usually use this while you are trying to figure out how to redo your budget.

Which choice would you take? Reacting fuels stress, responding does not.

3) Options – Plan B

Options and having a plan b to fall back on while dealing with your financial life seems like a no-brainer. While this seems very logical and commonsense, few people subscribe to this method.

You are so overwhelmed with the bill paying, check writing, creditor calls and letters that you know you must open, that you cannot think clearly due to stress. The option and Plan B never seems to be inspired.

4) Resourcefulness

Asking for help is a huge part of resourcefulness. When it comes to financial help, stress is increased by your pride and worry about how to pay the favor back.

5) Fear – Ignoring

You put four of the above examples together; the symptoms you get are so overwhelming, you just ignore the whole mess. You think that it will all work out just fine. Well, your reality check will bounce.

The only thing that is certain is that you are headed for a stress-induced meltdown.

Now that you can identify the stress symptoms, let’s go for the “cure”!

1) Over coming procrastination in this situation may be difficult, although most people will “cure” themselves because the pain caused by the stress and huge outlay of money is very intense. I know you would rather have the pleasure of bill paying control. I suggest you start not to hire a bookkeeper to handle your bill paying or recondition your brain by giving yourself a reward each time you pay a bill on time. Resolving to stick to a budget may be daunting at first but it must be done. Building courage is extremely important.

2) Responding verses reacting is essential. The “cure” here is responding to the financial situation or issues head on. You do this by thinking things out, listing the pros and cons, while making a decision, and consider if a purchase is a want or a need. A natural solution to reduce the stress of decision-making is to walk with the problem. Have the problem in your head; get away from the physical area. For example if you are in a store walk over to a different department, this will clear your mind with a different visual.

3) Not having options or a plan B just bad mental health. The “cure” is obviously always, no matter how small or insignificant your options or plan B is have it ready. You can always revise and make it bigger as you go through the thinking process. Now, because this issue is an emotional one, to redirect your thoughts you need to do an opposite action, perhaps physical exercise or household chores. These tasks redirect and clear your mind to be ready for option inspiration.

4) The resources will come once you apply the “cure”. The key here is resourcefulness. You can ask for help, research on how to work your budget better, physically putting so effort into organizing your bills and your files will help as well.

5) Ignoring the problems due to fear is close to insanity. They will never go away, trust me, they get bigger! The “cure” is self-discipline and facing the fear.

Courage builds from faith in yourself to get things done. The pain you have been going though is got to stop. You must commit to going for the “cure”.

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